Axure Tips: 7 Tips for Using Axure 10


For Axure RP 10, few product designers have been systematically studied. Generally, they are directly started and learn while groping, which directly leads to the neglect of many shortcut actions. I summarizes the following tips in my daily work, hoping to be helpful to you.

1. Copy Style

First right click to select the control that needs to copy the style, then click "Copy".

Then select the target control whose style needs to be copied, and click "Paste Special > Paste Style" to copy the style.

2. Swim lane diagram

Axure comes with a flowchart component. Many product managers like to draw flowcharts directly in Axure, but Axure does not provide the style of the swim lane diagram when drawing the swim lane diagram.

However, we can also draw the style of the swim lane diagram, that is, use the "table" and adjust the number of tables.

3. Quick Table

1. Copy the table

When making table demands, I often need to draw tables, but I'm not used to Axure's tables, so I write out the list fields directly in Excel every time, and then copy them directly into Axure to copy the excel table directly.

However, there are several problems in copying:

1. The style cannot be copied. Only after copying the table, adjust the style manually.

2. Merged cells cannot be copied, mainly because Axure does not support merging cells.

2. Quickly adjust table row height and row width

Select the table to be modified, and then directly modify the width and height to modify the size of the selected table in batches.


4. Quick Rename

Recently, the leader asked me to number the prototype page, and then I found a very fast method.

First select a page to rename, and then in the rename state, use the up and down keys on the keyboard. When entering the next page, you can rename it directly.


5. Preview without installing plug-ins

After the html file is generated, click start.html or index.html in the generated html folder to view, and a notice to install the plug-in will appear.


The method of directly installing the plug-in will not be discussed, but there are 2 quick solutions:

1. Click directly on the single page you want to view. Do not directly click on the entry such as start.html and index.html.

2. Modify the source code to bypass the prompt.

Open the code of start.html or index.html

Delete the code marked below, then save it, click the entry again to open it, and it's ok.

6. Import from other Axure file

Recently, I arranged my interns to draw prototypes. The finished prototypes need to be merged into other source files.

It is directly copied and pasted. There is no problem with fewer pages. If there are more pages, copying and pasting one by one is also very laborious.

We can directly use "import from RP file" under "file"


7. Replace, find

Axure also supports replacing and finding text, directly Command (Mac) / Ctrl+f.

When text replaced in batches, you don't have to look for it one by one. However, after replacement, Undo is not supported. If the replacement is wrong, it will have little impact. Just replace it back.


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Well Joe @AxureBoutique, a technology writer and teacher, focuses on Axure prototype design and product design.

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